Guaranteed replacement & refund

In Happy Home Agency, we offer two (2) guaranteed replacement maids within the 12 month period with NO AGENCY FEE to be paid. We may customize other services to the employer as deemed fit and necessary. Refund of agency and placement fee must conform to the refund policy as stated in the Service Agreement.

All Filipino Consultants

Happy Home Agency has a team of highly efficient and friendly Filipino consultants to communicate more effectively with the applicants. Filipino domestic workers comes from diverse provinces and backgrounds, and have their distinctive values and cultures. Our consultant can effectively screen and determine the applicants to complement with employers’ requirements.

Philippine Embassy Accredited

Happy Home Agency Pte Ltd, duly organized and existing under the laws of Singapore has substantially and satisfactorily passed the pre-qualification requirements in hiring Filipino Domestic Workers and is accredited by the Philippine Embassy.

Opens Daily

We are open daily from Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays. We have extended our working hours from 9am – 8pm everyday and 9am – 4pm on Public Holidays, to cater to working employers and to serve you better.

Our Comprehensive Maids' Services

  • New Maids
  • Transfer Maids
  • Direct Hire Services
  • Application / Issuance of Work Permits
  • Renewal of Work Permits
  • Cancellation of Work Permits
  • Liaise with Embassy - Passport Renewal, Home Leave Processing, Embassy Contract
  • Medical Check-up.
  • Settling-In-Programme
  • Security Bond & Medical Insurance
  • Banker's Guarantee and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Waiver of Security Bond
  • Air Ticketing
  • Counseling & Motivating Services.
  • Consultation
  • Additional Training and Lodging in Singapore